Saturday, July 4, 2009

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I wonder if there is a way to make a eco-friendly video game, comic, and more store. I mean from the building to the packaging to customer incentives and education. I know that most people who are in these hobbies do not think of the impact the product causes. In video games the main concern is the packing waist. This is a simple fix I have found a few games that have come in recycled cardboard dvd cases with no shrink wrap just a paper safety seal. Sure this practice is not widely used mainly because big boxed retailers can not control loss prevention as well. In small shops it works well because the product is not on the floor, but in a back room. The down side is because the new packing style is not widely used not all manufactures support it. Witch is sad if we can't pressure box places to adopt the new boxes we are wasting a lot of plastic that could be made into action figures or dolls. That is one way to cut down with just video games. One more is to down load directly from the game makers. This hurts the shop and is not quite in place for set top gameing systems. A new system for small shops are down lode cards made from card stock and a code placed on a peal away strip you still need the internet and time to down load. The down side it is still no up yet. This just one of the hobbies in the small culture I live in.

Comics are even a stranger story, considering that they are meant for kids and they have a large amount of toxins in them. From the paper bleaching to the gloss finishers to the inks even the staples and binding glue. The up side is the comic producers know this and are taking steps to fix this. They use safer staples and glue than the past. Thankfully unlike other periodicals bought by today's market about 30% are saved by the end user where less than one 1% of the rest of periodicals are saved by the end user. Another strange practice by big box retailers is at the end of the month they rip the upc page of all unsold periodicals and shipped back to the manufacture. They recycle the refuse periodicals but the die and other byproducts are sitting bins. A smarter practice would be to sell the unsold copies to a small shop to keep them for archive selling. It will never happen because they get a full refund on all unsold upc from the supplier. Just sad. I can't ask the big box places to chang their pratices. Just ask the question of the manager if they do the upc return and recycle program if they say yes don't buy your comics from them. For all I said before and if thats not enough just picture some one ripping the covers of your favorite comic off each month. That hurts me in side knowing how much paper is just mulched each month. I love my comics, I have started reading on line to experance new comics. Shopping at comic shops is the green-est way to buy your comics because they do not do the upc buy back system.

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