Thursday, July 2, 2009

Welcome to what is going to be one rough trip

This blog is here for the personal enjoyment of all. Any facts or quotes are most likely misinformed and wrong 60% of the time.

Whew, now that we got that out of the way. *****Corporate Message****** We here at The Evil Overlords Of Evil Inc. LTD would like to welcome you to insert name 's blog. It is the values expresses in insert name 's blog that show we care about are staff. We at The Evil Overlords Of Evil Inc. LTD feel the ones personal expressions in a public domain space is not only therapeutic but helps Corporate find those personal qualities we need in tomorrows leaders.**********End*********So I just got a new job at the this industrial plant its not much but they are paying me real good even after medical and dental are taken out. The job has some strange security protocols for temp work. There is this eye scanning thing, a security badge, and 3 key cards that red, blue, and yellow. I don't know what the key cards are for yet but I was to you have to keep them on you at all times and not to let any one borrow them. Crazy I know. The job is kinda of odd too I am just moving boxes of The Evil Overlords Of Evil Inc. LTD dooms day alpha protocol 7 from one end of the building. I swear there is only maybe 2oo boxes and some one in a different department job is to put them back in my stack. I don't care it's honest 8 hour days work. This was my first day. Their is also the blog thing they want to me to put an entry in at least once a day about work kinda weird but what ever its their time and money I just move boxes.

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