Sunday, July 5, 2009

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X-men Forever, Chris Claremont back at marvel on x-men to finish the story that got me into comics in the first place neerd-gasim.
That's the cover of issue 1. We go back in time to when Magneto and the Acolytes attack earth with nukes. Fabian Cortez kills Magneto and lots of humans and mutants die. This all happened before the comic starts. Page 1 Jean and Logan (not James or needs a deep back story Howlett) are Kissing on a tropical Island. Tha's all you get you want the rest you will have to pay $3.99 an Issue just like me witch is absurd because(old man voice) back in my day comics cost a $1.25 and we didn't have no iternet like this we had to dragg are eyes accross broken glass to read .......Back to the awesome that is X-men Forever just buy it and read it and Issue 2 is out issue 3 hits July 8th

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  1. first nine pages here